Fastned Privacy Policy

Fastned takes the privacy of its users very seriously and will process and use information on its users carefully. Our data processing is registered with the Dutch Data Protection Authority
under number 1588857. This document sets out Fastned’s privacy policy. The capitalised terms in this Privacy Policy are defined in Fastned’s General Terms and Conditions (which can be found here:

1. Who is Fastned?

Fastned has its office at Amsteldijk 166 (1079 LH) in Amsterdam and is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 54606179. Fastned may process Personal Data by use of the Service.

2. What information is collected and processed by Fastned?

Provision of Personal Data
In order to be able to use the various parts of the Service, the User will provide a number of Personal Data to Fastned and/or Fastned will process a number of Personal Data. Below, Fastned informs you about what Personal Data may be processed via the different parts of the Service.

If you register as a User for the Service, the User will create a MySite. The User is then asked to provide some information, such as name, telephone number, email address and password. A PIN code may also be given for Authorisation. The User may also provide other (Personal) data, such as name and address details.
The User can change these data at any time in his/her MySite.

The User may provide Personal Data by using the App. In order to be able to make full use of the functionalities of the App, it is advisable to enable
the App’s location services. This allows GPS data and crowd-sourced locations from Wi-Fi hotspots and telephone masts to be used to approximate the User’s location, so that it can be determined whether the User is near a Charging Station and can use the Service. Enabling location services (and therefore sharing location details) is not mandatory, but it is convenient. Via the settings of the smart device used, the User can decide whether the location details are shared or not.
An instruction for payment and use of the Service can also be given via the App, by means of Authorisation. Authorisation takes place automatically via the App by the sending of a unique code to Fastned and/or companies engaged by it to check whether the sender is an authorised (paying) User or not. If the sender is an authorised User, the User can immediately charge his/her vehicle using the Service.

The User may provide Personal Data by using the RFIDcard. The User can use the RFIDcard to Authorise him/herself at a Charging Station. Authorisation
takes place via the RFIDcard, which is used to send a unique code to Fastned and/or companies engaged by it to check whether the sender is an authorised (paying) User or not. If the sender is an authorised User, the User can immediately charge his/her vehicle using the Service.

In order to pay for Subscriptions or one-time use of the Service, the User will provide Personal Data to Fastned and/or the payment services provider engaged by it. The User can opt for automatic debit or payment by credit card.

WiFi Service
As part of the Service, the User can also use the WiFi Service. The User is free to decide what Personal Data he/she shares via the WiFi Service and is not required to share such data. Fastned will only process the User’s IP Address as part of this. Any other Personal Data provided by the User through the use of the WiFi Service will only be passed on by Fastned via the WiFi Service; Fastned will not process any Personal Data in that context other than as cited in this Privacy Policy.

Automatically Generated Information
Fastned also collects automatically generated information on your behaviour during the use of the Service, including, but not limited to, how often you use the Service and at what location. This information consists of, among other things, your IP Address and the type of device you use for Authorisation. “Cookies” may also be used, as described below.

Camera surveillance
Fastned uses camera surveillance at the Charging Station location in order to protect the goods present there, prevent and document nuisance such as vandalism, prevent and document criminal offences by third parties (such as burglary, theft or destruction) and everything directly related to this. The images are exclusively viewed in the event an incident is reported. The camera surveillance is announced by means of notice boards at the boundaries of the site covered by the cameras, by the fact that the cameras have been installed in clearly visible locations and in other clearly recognisable ways if the situation calls for this.

3. What are cookies and how does Fastned use them?

When the App, the WiFi Service and the Website are used, Fastned uses cookies that are stored by your browser and/or by the App temporarily (“session” cookies) or for a longer period of time (“permanent” cookies) on the device you use. Cookies are tiny files with information that the server of Fastned and/or third parties sends to your browser with the intention that this information be sent back to the server of Fastned and/or the particular third party upon a subsequent visit.

4. For what purposes will Fastned use the information it collects?

Fastned will use the Personal Data collected on you for the following purposes:
- in order to provide the Service to you optimally;
- in order to facilitate and optimise your use of the Service;
- in order to handle your complaints, suggestions and questions;
- in order to set up statistical data in anonymous form based on automatically generated information with the aim of securing the Service;
- in order to keep you up to date on developments in relation to the Service, which
- includes sending Fastned’s newsletter if you have signed up for this;
- in order to provide your information to third parties on the basis of legislation and regulation or if Fastned sees reason to do so on grounds of this Privacy Policy;

Use by Fastned
Fastned uses Personal Data from Users in order to ensure that you as User can easily make use of the Service, can grant Authorisations for use of the Service and make payments for the Service. Fastned will also process your Personal Data such as your name, email address and/or telephone number to handle any complaints, suggestions or questions if you have provided these Personal Data to Fastned for this purpose. This enables Fastned to contact you in
order to handle the complaint, suggestion or question. Fastned also wants to keep you updated on the development of its Service if you have provided your email address for the purpose of receiving the newsletter. If there is an expansion or update, Fastned will notify you of this via the newsletter. Fastned may also keep you informed about campaigns it organises. You can expect an email from Fastned about this once every so often. If you no longer wish to receive a newsletter, you can
unsubscribe by sending an email to The option of unsubscribing is also included in every individual newsletter.

Use by third parties
Fastned may provide Personal Data to third parties to benefit the provision of the Service. Fastned uses the services of Now! Innovations B.V. to provide and enable use of MySite and Authorisation. ABB B.V. is engaged for the making of payments for the use of the Service. Finally, Fastned uses the services of Mobotix for the camera surveillance. Fastned has made agreements with the aforementioned parties to guarantee the careful processing of Personal Data. Fastned will not, without your explicit permission, provide your Personal Data to third parties for direct marketing purposes (for example, for the sending of advertising). Fastned will notify
you in advance if that is the case. Fastned may provide your Personal Data to third parties however, to the extent these data cannot be traced to you personally and are therefore not Personal Data (such as Automatically Generated Information, excluding your IP address). Finally, Fastned may provide your data to third parties if it is required to do so by law, it is forced to do so as the result of a court case and/or it deems this necessary in order to protect its own rights. Personal Data are exclusively provided to the Justice department if a lawfully issued order requiring this is received from a public prosecutor or if another statutory provision requires
Fastned to do so. If Personal Data indicate evidence of criminal offences, Fastned may decide to report this and voluntarily surrender the Personal Data to the competent authorities as evidence. In exceptional cases, Fastned may decide that a private third party may have access to the Personal Data. This requires a weighing of the interest that the private partyhas in accessing the data and the interest of the data subject, such as the right to protection of his/her privacy. If possible and if desired by Fastned, consultation will be held with the data subject in this context.

5. Parental permission

In principle, anyone may use the Service. If you are younger than sixteen (16), however, special legal rules apply for use of the Service. If you are not yet sixteen (16) years of age, you must have permission from your parents or guardian before you may use the Service. By accepting the General Terms and Conditions, you guarantee that you are sixteen (16) years or older or have permission from your parents/guardian to use the Service.

6. How does Fastned protect personal information?

Fastned has taken appropriate technical and organisational measures to secure your Personal Data against loss or any form of unlawful processing. The external companies Now! Innovations B.V., ABB B.V. and Mobotix that have been engaged have taken adequate measures to secure against unauthorised access to or abuse
of processed Personal Data. The space where the Personal Data are stored is physically secured against unauthorised access (key, card, etc.). Where possible, data are stored in such a way that they cannot be traced to natural persons and consequently cannot be regarded as Personal Data. A log is also kept of who accesses Personal Data and when. This log is reviewed periodically. The persons who may view the Personal Data are explicitly required to observe secrecy. Access to the Personal Data is password protected.

7. Transfer of undertaking

In the future, it is possible that one or more divisions or assets of Fastned may be transferred to a third party or that Fastned may merge with a third party. In that case, your Personal Data may also be transferred.

8. Storage of your data

Fastned does not keep your Personal Data for any longer than necessary for realisation of the purposes for which these data are collected and processed. Camera footage is saved for a period of four weeks with a view to the use for the purposes mentioned above. If an incident is visible on the footage in relation to one of these purposes, this footage may be saved for longer and until the incident has been resolved.

After this period elapses or the incident is resolved, the footage is deleted. At the request of a person who has been recorded in camera footage, these images will be deleted if there is no longer any need to keep the images pursuant to these regulations.

9. Insight into and correction of your data

If you want to know what data Fastned has recorded on you, you may contact this address: Fastned will notify you within four weeks whether Fastned processes Personal Data on you. If this is the case, Fastned will send you a complete overview of the Personal Data that Fastned processes on you.
With reference to the overview provided, you may ask Fastned at reasonable intervals to correct, delete or protect Personal Data if these are factually incorrect, incomplete for the processing purpose or purposes or irrelevant or being processed otherwise in violation of a statutory regulation, to the extent you cannot correct these data yourself via MySite. Fastned will notify you within four weeks whether or to what extent Fastned will honour the request. A person whose image has been recorded in camera footage can be given insight into the images in which he/she can be recognised. An appointment can be made with Fastned for this. A person whose image has been recorded in camera footage can obtain a copy of this footage by submitting a request to Fastned electronically or in writing. A request for insight into or a copy of the footage requires identification and a clear specification of the period of time at which the data subject suspects that he/she was filmed.
Administration costs of € 5 are charged for the handling of requests for insight and the provision of a copy, which must be paid in advance.

10. How far does Fastned’s responsibility extend?

The Service may contain hyperlinks which take you away from the Service and bring you to third-party websites. Fastned has no control over the third-party websites to which links are provided. It may be the case that a different privacy policy applies to the use of these thirdparty websites. This Privacy Policy only pertains to Personal Data that are processed via the Service. Fastned does not accept any responsibility or liability for (the functioning and/or
content of) third-party websites or services.

11. Can this Privacy Policy be amended?

This Privacy Policy may be amended. These amendments will be announced via the Service.

12. Questions?

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, you may send an email to:
This privacy policy was last amended on 23 April 2015.