1-click charging

  • Connect fast charging plug to the car and start charging session on your phone with the Fastned app.
  • Fastned works with all smartphones (iOS and Android and other)
  • Fast charging for Tesla Model S and Model X
  • Smart Routeplanner shows quickest route through Fastned stations
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Connecting to the fast charger and login with the app is very simple!

Marius Meijer, Fastned customer

For all types of electric cars

Fastned offers all fast charging standards at all its stations and is compatible with all electric cars, such as:

  • Tesla Model S / X
  • Nissan Leaf
  • BMW i3
  • Renault ZOE
  • Mitsubishi Outlander
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Easy payment

Connect your existing fuel- or charge card to your Fastned account. We take care of the rest!

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The Fastned app

  • 1-click charging
  • Fastned Routeplanner
  • Charging tips for all electric cars
  • Map of all Fastned stations
  • Charging history

You find us all over the Netherlands

Fastned stations are located directly along the highway - and increasingly in cities.

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Start charging right away

Get started in just 2 minutes

To charge at Fastned you need to sign up, which is possible within 2 minutes with the Fastned App. It's not possible to start charging with a charging card.

  1. Plug in
    These cars are able to fast charge
  2. Start charging with the Fastned app
    Download the app for iOS / Download the app for Android / Charge with a Blackberry or Windows smartphoneI don't have a smartphone, now what?
  3. Done!
    Finish charging with the app or the charger screen. Your charging session will be billed automatically through the app

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Start charging right away

It only takes 2 minutes to register