Nissan now offers 4 years of Fastned fast charging with all new electric cars

4 January 2016

With this Fastned subscription Nissan drivers can fast-charge for free at 50 well placed locations throughout the Netherlands for the next four years, and soon throughout Europe. This partnership does not only make electric driving economical, it also makes electric cars accessible to those without their own charging point at home.

Electric motors are much more efficient than combustion engines and thus require less energy to run. Fastned believes that partnerships as these can help to significantly decrease the operational costs of electric driving.

Free charging at Fastned is part of the Nissan e-Four package that now comes standard with every Nissan LEAF and eNV200. In addition to four years of free fast charging this package also includes a rental car for four years (12 weeks total) for holidays and four years of free maintenance. Good news for anyone who considers buying an electric car.


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