Fastned shows 14% monthly growth in 2015

11 March 2016

CEO Michiel Langezaal: "Fastned has developed strongly, both in terms of network as well as sales, systems and partnerships. Revenues of 75 889 euro is still small but we saw sales grow last year by more than 700%. Nearly all car manufacturers have announced new electric models with a bigger range, the first models will be introduced on the market later this year. As a result, our outlook is very positive. Fastned has secured financing for its operational costs until the end of 2018. This covers the period until a serious charge market for electric cars has emerged and a considerable number of stations is profitable. With the current network of 50 stations, we have created a solid foundation for further growth. At the moment we are working on expansion into urban locations and the rest of Europe. To finance this growth we will issue new certificates of shares very soon again."

Fastned Annual Report 2015

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