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Fastned gets EU-support to roll out fast charging stations in Germany

19 December 2014

Champagne! Today we announced that the European Union has allocated a EUR 2 million subsidy to Fastned to support the construction of a corridor of fast charging stations in Germany and the Netherlands.

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Easy charging with your tank-card

4 December 2014

As of today it is possible to use a MultiTankcard as a method of payment in the Fastned app. After you have linked your tank-card to your Fastned account all charging sessions will automatically be paid via your tank-card.

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10 Reasons to invest in Fastned

20 September 2014

The "Kodak-moment" is around the corner!

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Why we have our own payment app

25 July 2014

Fastned has decided to develop its own payment App instead of allowing payments via the existing EV charging cards. To some people this may come across as inefficient but there are important reasons behind this choice.

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Fastned IPO on July 9th

8 July 2014

Celebration time at Fastned! Our IPO is now set for July 9th 2014! Tomorrow! Yesterday the prospectus was approved by the Dutch Authority Financial Markets (AFM).

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The price of charging

5 May 2014

We frequently get asked about the price that Fastned charges for its fast charging services. But not all kilowatthours (kWh) are created equal.

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