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Teslas can now charge super fast at Fastned

2 March 2016

Fastned adds Tesla adaptors to all 50 stations which charge up to 250 km/h

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Nissan now offers 4 years of Fastned fast charging with all new electric cars

4 January 2016

Fastned and Nissan intensify their partnership. As of today, every new Nissan LEAF and ENV-200 will include four years of unlimited fast charging at Fastned.

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The Autowende has begun

25 November 2015

In the next 60 months the automotive industry will see more change than in the last 60 years. European car manufacturers should commit to electric cars now or Europe will be in economic trouble.

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Why we’re going to build fast charging stations in cities

18 November 2015

Today Fastned announces the construction of five fast-charging stations in the city of The Hague. The fast-charging stations will be built along high traffic roads. This is the first step for Fastned to expand its network of fast-charging stations to urban locations.

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The Fastned Freedom Plan

5 October 2015

Our mission is to accelerate the adoption of clean electric vehicles by giving them freedom. This is Fastned's plan to reinvent service stations along high traffic locations to make travel fundamentally cheaper, cleaner and more enjoyable.

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Unlimited fast charging with every new Nissan LEAF

21 September 2015

Good news! From today onwards every new Nissan LEAF sold in The Netherlands will be offered with two years of free unlimited Fastned fast charging.

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Fastned presents: fast charging for the price of slow charging

30 April 2015

Today Fastned introduces a new price plan that allows you to fast charge at all of our stations at the same price as slow charging based on a small monthly fee. With Fastned Standard you pay just €9.99 per month and €0.35 per kWh (both including VAT).

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Easy charging with your Travelcard pass

23 December 2014

Great news! Besides MultiTankcard, Travelcard is now also linked to the Fastned app.

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Fastned gets EU-support to roll out fast charging stations in Germany

19 December 2014

Champagne! Today we announced that the European Union has allocated a EUR 2 million subsidy to Fastned to support the construction of a corridor of fast charging stations in Germany and the Netherlands.

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Easy charging with your tank-card

4 December 2014

As of today it is possible to use a MultiTankcard as a method of payment in the Fastned app. After you have linked your tank-card to your Fastned account all charging sessions will automatically be paid via your tank-card.

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